Welp ... another NFL season is in the books. Now what do we do?

The 2022 - 2023 season is done and now we have to figure out how to fill up all the  Sundays from now until the start of the 2023 - 2024 season.

Initially, rioting seemed like a thought, (for some), but that had a very limited window. Even the most hard core rioters can't have a "knock down, drag out rock n roll party in the streetsevery Sunday of the offseason.

Luckily, in the El Paso area, we have loads of options to fill a Sunday afternoon with. Sports-wise, yes, there's a lot going on but that doesn't help everyone.

I only follow 2 other sports, Supercross and hockey, and they don't fill the entire gap between the Super Bowl and the NFL season opener.

Supercross will keep me interested until late May and hockey is good until late April or so. Supercross races are on Saturday though, (if televised at all), and hockey games show up throughout the week so they're not always there for us come Sunday.

Boston Bruins v Toronto Maple Leafs
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If you want some dependable fun to kill a Sunday afternoon with, here are a few ideas:

Don't feel like going anywhere at all? Now is the time to binge watch all those Netflix shows you blew off during football season.

All you need is your tv, your couch and the phone number for a food delivery service.

Easy Peezy.

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