Now that Spring is in the air, here are 3 routes you can combine into one amazingly awesome ride.

These roads have been here forever but, newcomers may not know about them and longtime El Pasoans may have forgotten how much fun they are! You can do this in any order but, here's how I do it:

  • Start out in far Northeast El Paso. Take  US 54 north to the Kenworthy exit. Exit and go left (north) on Martin Luther King jr Blvd to the Anthony Gap. (Highway 404). Left on The Gap and enjoy a beautiful ride through the rolling desert hills to I-10.  (From Cruces, take I-10 east to 404 and begin there.)
  • At I-10, go left to Trans Mountain. Left, (east) on Trans Mountain and enjoy an even more beautiful ride over the Franklin Mountains.  When you reach US 54, go right. Exit at Hercules and go toward the mountain. At the top, turn left and follow Alabama Street along the edge of the mountain and through one of the older, more historic areas of El Paso to Scenic Drive.
  • Take Scenic over the mountain, stopping at Murchison Park along the way for the greatest view of El Paso and Juarez available. (Short of taking the Wyler Tramway to the top of the mountain.)

From there, follow Scenic as it winds through another, beautiful and historic neighborhood to Stanton Street. From there head to the Cincy Street area for awesome food and drink options or, head Downtown for many more eat n drink choices.

Cool places to "top off" along the way:

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