If you're looking forward to Spring ... which today appears to have already begun ... and getting in the wind, here's a great ride!

Saddle up and head for Cloudcroft!!  It's only a couple of hours so this can be a weekend getaway or just a day trip.  Start off on US-54 North for the first leg which, granted, is a little boring since there's nothing between here and Orogrande. Once there though, if it's open, quench your thirst at My Place Bar.  You can't miss it, it's pretty much the ONLY thing in Orogrande! (After Orogrande, there's a checkpoint...just sayin'.)

From there, it's on to Alamogordo where I usually fuel up and grab another cold one or two. Now you're only about 20 miles away, just follow US-82 as it winds through the beautiful Lincoln National Forest into Cloudcroft.

Once there, visit The Lodge for a little ghost hunting ... see video ... or, grab a beer and a bite at The Western Bar and Cafe. There's lots to do and, when you're ready to come home, you're only about 2 hours away.

Enjoy and, as always, ride safe!!

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