El Paso is home to two museums, the likes of which you won't find anywhere else in the United States.

One of them does have counterparts around the United States of America but ours still has a unique edge. The first one though absolutely stands alone and honors a group of people who have been in business since 1924.

We see them everyday.

The Border Patrol Museum sits on the eastern face of the Franklin mountains at 4315 Woodrow Bean Transmountain Road. It's the only museum officially dedicated to the history of the Border Patrol in the U.S.,

The museum tells the Border Patrol's story from start to finish, chronicling their origination and all the advancements made as their methods modernized with the times.

Chertoff Visits Arizona-Mexico Border Crossing
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From horseback patrols, to motorized vehicles, to planes and helicopters to satellites and other technological marvels. It's all there.

Some of those earliest methods, like mounted patrols, are still in use today.

This next museum is the one we share with other cities and what makes ours unique.

There are 16 Holocaust museums around the country devoted to remembering the tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children murdered in the name of "racial purity".

The distinction between other holocaust museums in America and ours is the fact that the El Paso Holocaust Museum, (715 N. Oregon), is the only bilingual museum in the US dedicated to telling this tragic tale.

It's also 1 of only 13 "free standing" Holocaust museums in the U.S.

Admission to both these museums is free.

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