'Tis the season to be jolly ... and to start shopping. Here are a few ideas for getting gifts and supporting local businesses in El Paso.

One friend or family member that we pretty much all have on our gift lists is a musician. Whether they play standard instruments like guitar, bass, drums, piano, etc or less conventional instruments like accordinas, or glockenspiels, they need stuff.

There are many music stores around El Paso and most of them are locally owned so, if you shop there, you are helping a fellow El Pasoan make a living, feed their family, live  a dream, etc. Not just feeding a big corporation.

With that in mind, here are a few local music stores where you can find the instrument, equipment or accessory for the artist(s) in your life.

Some of these also rent instruments so, if you have someone on your list that hasn't quite made up their mind what they want to learn to play, they can try different things.

Those are just a few, locally owned and operated, El Paso music stores. There are many more around town so finding an axe, strings, horns, cellos or whatever your musician needs shouldn't be a problem.

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