Welp Texas, so much for 'Dem Boyz and all the "this is our year" talk. Not that they didn't give it a helluva run ... now that their seasons over, here's some other stuff to do in El Paso on Sundays.

First of all, Cowboys fans - I feel 'ya, If it's any consolation, my team ... the incredible, amazing, unstoppable Patriots ... were out of the running back around week 5 or so.

You guys daaaaaaaaamn near made it though so, find some peace in that. Now that you're not watching them anymore, here are some other fun ways to spend your Sundays.

First, some of ya'll need to start going to Church again. I know "the Cowboys are sacred" and, in Texas, "football is a religion" but enough. Watching 'da Boys is no longer a valid excuse to ditch.

Next up, how about supporting some local El Paso businesses? Now that you don't need to buy wings and beer for a roomful of people, go drop some cash on:

U.S. Dollar Closes Higher Against The S. Korean Won
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If shopping isn't your thing, but road trips are, rock a Sunday afternoon ... or, entire weekend ... on the road. Bonus points for riding but driving works just as well. Here are a few of my favorite routes:


Or, you could catch up on all those "honey do's" you've been blowing off since last August or so. If you're a true couch potato, SuperCross is back and occasionally, the networks will actually televise one of the races.

You can also spend more time with the kids, treat honey bunny to a day out or just day drink with your buds. I feel like that last one will get more votes than 1 and 2 - Bet me.

You could visit a museum too. We have loads of 'em here in El Chuco, 2 of which you will ONLY find in El Paso. Hiking or visiting the missions near El Paso works too.

Just be very careful hiking here. For a few other ideas I posted last year, click here.

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El Paso NFL Fans Showing Their Team Pride

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