Last year, a small town in west Texas went up for sale ... yep, the entire town was on the block. Take a tour of it here with the towns new owner/Mayor.

Jon Jasniak didn't elect himself mayor of Cornudas; the title came with the town as part of the sales agreement. You see, he bought Cornudas, lock, stock and barrel ... and Mayor's office.

Cornudas has been sold a few times over the years, most recently in 2023 for the bargain price of $250,000. Pretty cheap really, for an entire town and getting to be the boss of it.

Cornudas sits on around 20 acres in west Texas, about an hour and a half from El Paso. It's between El Paso and Carlsbad to be a bit more exact.

Jasniak officially took the reins in February of 2023 but, according to the date on the video he posted on YouTube, he didn't actually set foot in Cornudas for almost a year.

This was my first trip to Cornudas, Texas after buying the town in February 2023. The previous owner Jeff met me on the property to give me the keys and show me around. We tried to document as much as possible to make the handover seamless. - Jon Jasniak/YouTube

The video could have been updated at some point I guess. It's dated March, 2024. No matter when he first visited his new town, here's how day 1 went for him.

Owning your own town, how cool would that be?? You can learn a little more about Cornudas via the town Facebook page.

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