This started as a list of stuff I, (and most guys probably), would like to get today. Guess what? They have cool items for ladies as well!

Here is where to get cool Valentine's day gifts.

  • Barnett Harley Davidson. Motorcycles yeah but, they also have some pretty sexy clothing including leather chaps. Which, depending on what she wears or doesn't wear under them, could make this a gift for you too.
  • Pumpin' Ink Tattoo. Tattoos can be way sexy. (Especially in certain areas...) You can even get matching ones!  Just don't do the name thing, we all know that's the death knell for relationships.
  • Hero Music. Nothing is sexier to me than a hot girl that rocks so, get yours a new axe and let her "entertain" you. (If she's terrible, you're still good. It will look great hanging on the wall.)
  • Ben Bridge Jeweler. You can't go wrong with jewelry and, if you're so hard up for ideas that you've come to me for advice, this is probably your only option.

You're welcome!

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