If you need a bedtime story to help you get to sleep, then gather around and watch this grandma from El Paso, Texas on her YouTube channel.

A grandma's unique way of telling her grandson bedtime stories has gone viral and is warming so many hearts! It all started when Sarah Penewit shared this adorable video of her mother, and grandmother to her son Dawson, Christine Durfee, reading a bedtime story- but through YouTube. In the video, Penewit wrote:

My mom lives out of state and wants to be part of our son's life so she made a YouTube channel where she reads him stories.

Durfee told ABC News' Danny New that she doesn't want Dawson to not recognize her voice or her face, and that is how the idea of  "Stories with Mema" began! She also says she's kind of addicted to reading the stories!

On the Instagram video, the idea was received with many positive responses- with many pointing out that she could have done this in simpler ways- but just the fact that she went all out proves how much she loves her grandson.

She could’ve just did a video and send it to him, but she started an entire channel to not only share the love to her grandchild, but also to the world. This is what I call love.

Durfee, who is a Ph.D and and adult, child and family therapist specializing in autism, family systems, and most DSM diagnosis- obviously knows what she's doing- and knows that this is of a great benefit to Dawson!

Mema's YouTube channel now has over 10 ,000 subscribers- it looks like this Mema just gained so many more grandchildren!

If you want more bedtime stories, you can find Mema's YouTube channel here.

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