Gibson has been compiling a list of the best riffs from the 80's and have put out their list of the 10 "most totally awesome" riffs of the decade:

10. RUSH - "Limelight":

"Sharing trio space with one of the best bass players on the planet and probably the best drummer on Earth, (Alex) Lifeson still manages to stand out."

09. GUNS N' ROSES - "Sweet Child o' Mine":

"While the album was stacked with heavy hitters . . . it was the ballad of the set that had the most unique and memorable riff."

08. THE CLASH - "Should I Stay or Should I Go":

"Sometimes you only need two chords to kick an audience in the teeth, and certainly Mick Jones and Joe Strummer did just that with this Combat Rock fave."

07. MICHAEL JACKSON (featuring Steve Lukather) - "Beat It":

"Yes, it had that insane guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen, but the engine driving the song was a weighty bounce by session whiz Steve Lukather."

06. JUDAS PRIEST - "Breaking the Law":

"It's hard to deny the brutal simplicity of this 'British Steel' classic."

See the rest of the Top 10 Riffs list via BLABBERMOUTH.NET.

I'm partial to Judas Priest, so I'd put them higher maybe...and probably wouldn't have had the Stones on my list. But hey, that's just me...what're YOUR favorite riffs from the 80's?

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