The Results Are In!
After two weeks of very competitive voting for El Paso’s best meteorologist, the people of El Paso have spoken.
Meteorologist Melee
For a city that has more than 302 days of sunshine on average each year, we sure do have a ton of meteorologist. Some are a little crazy, like NewsChannel 9’s Mark Mathis, some are all business, like KFOX’s Sandra Diaz and everyone has their favorite. Cast your vote b…
Hot Prostitute Battle!
WHOA NELLY! The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office just busted a bunch of lovely ladies for alleged prostitution last week. As I scrolled through the mugshots, I noticed most of them had one thing in common - they’re pretty!
Would You Accept a Trip to Space? [POLL]
We were talking on the Morning Show about whether we would go to space if offered a free trip, but had to be among the first trips to the Final Frontier.
Teresa said no way she'd go. Duke said he'd go, but if he were on the fourth or fifth trip. Monster says he'd go on the first trip, which means I c…
Would You Return a Found Smartphone? [POLL]
According to a recent study by Symantec, less than half of lost smartphones are returned to their owners in the U.S.
To find out what happens to a smartphone once it's been separated from its owner, the company, in its Smartphone Honey Stick Project, "lost" 50 smartphones that had been fill…

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