According to a recent report, the answer is no .... and I think that's BS!

We live in a city that is pretty consistently rated as one of the safest cities in the U. S. and typically enjoys a pretty low crime rate. This would almost have to translate to college life, right??

I travel around and through the UTEP campus almost every day and, except for seeing them writing a ticket here and there, I never see UTEP PD doing anything big and you almost never hear news reports about theft/robberies.

I'm sure things happen here and there but, on the whole, it's a pretty chill place. According to the A Secure Life website though, it's not THAT chill. We're not in the top 5 on their "most secure life" list.  Not top 10 either. Or 20, 50... We didn't even make the top 100!?!?

Some cities with typically high crime rates ... New York and Chicago, I'm looking at you ... DID make the list.  If Chicago can make ANY kind of "low crime" list, then UTEP should have taken the number one spot easily.  Don't you think?