A report by Smart Asset has listed the happiest cities in the United States of America and two Texas cities made the list.

According to KXAN, the The Smart Asset study looked at the 200 largest cities in the United States of America and rated their "happiness" factor via a variety of metrics.

Of the 10 cities judged the "happiest of 'em all", most were in California. (Although the happiest place on Earth .. Disneyland ... was not ne of them.) Virginia made the list with one city, Arlington, and Texas got on with two.

The data and methodology used to rank these cities can be seen here. All that stuff  included things like marriage rates, crime rates, quality of life and mental health among other criteria. And, yeah ... you better believe how much residents earn played into things.

You can view the top 10 here. The 2 Texas cities that made the cut were Frisco and Plano.

Frisco, Texas takes both the No. 1 spots for the marriage rate (62.6%) and the percentage of residents living below the poverty level (2.5%). Additionally, the city ranks No. 2 for its typical living costs compared to the median household income (29.55%) and its violent crime rate (roughly 86 crimes per 100,000 residents). - KXAN


Plano, Texas ranks in the top 20 across six metrics, most notably: the city has the fourth-highest marriage rate (56.9%) and the 10th-lowest violent crime rate (roughly 155 for every 100,000 residents). - KXAN

I'm sure it doesn't hurt any that 1/3 of all "Plano-ians" make $100,000 or more.

The least happy city in the United States of America was Birmingham, Alabama. I've been to Birmingham ... ONCE ... and, yeah, I get that.

Never been back.

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