A "bullet train" may begin service between Houston and Dallas, cutting the travel time in half.

Construction on the train should begin next year, following approval by the Federal Railroad Administration. The train is modeled after Japan's "Shinkansen" train which travels at about 177mph.

The distance between Houston and Big D is about 240 miles via 1-45 and takes about  3.5 hours. The new train is expected to do it in 90 minutes, even with a stop in Brazos. Ticket prices haven't been set yet but, they're expected to be comparable to airline rates.

Assuming this 1) actually happens and 2) is successful, what could be next??  How cool would it be to jump on one of these things here in El Chuco and be in San Antonio in, (working with the given figures), 3 hours?  Or Dallas in 3.5-4? Houston would be 4-5 hours.

Makes more sense than the freakin' trolley cars ...  Think one or two of these trains could be in our future?

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