If this doesn't finally provoke Texas into secession, I don't know what will.

With all the amazing Mexican food we have, I have to wonder if the Lone Star State was even involved in this travesty? A Harris poll, conducted last May, asked who made the best Mexican food and Taco Bell won.  According to Statesman.com, the poll was based on "familiarity, quality and purchase consideration".

With that in mind, I guess I kind of get it.  I mean, there's one on just about every corner, their commercials run constantly and grocery stores stock their beans and stuff. However, (no offense to Taco Bell owners, employees and fans), a constant ad presence does not good Mexican food make.

El Paso restaurants alone could have taken this one. (Jeez, our food trucks make better Mexican food than most restaurants and, let's not forget the peeps that sell amazing burritos bar to bar.) I did my own poll here at The Q and here's our top 10:

If you truly want the best Mexican food in America, start there!

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