It's election day here in America and hopefully you've voted because lines out there are going to get crazy! While it is a day to exercise your right to vote, I don't see why there is no reason to also exercise your right to party! Enter the "2018 Midterm Elections Drinking Game"!

In the 2016 election, I went in completely unarmed! I went in optimistic and ready for change. Cut to two years later and I feel like I've learned a lot and feel ready for whatever outcome. All you'll need is your favorite beer, or cocktail, a bottle of your favorite liquor and some shot glasses. Turn on your preferred news network and here we go:

Take one drink when:

  • Someone shows up with an "I Voted Sticker" (And then judge them for waiting until today to vote.)
  • Someone in your group asks “Who is even running this year?”
  • Pan to a local dining or drinking establishment
  • Campaign HQ is playing any of these songs in the background:
    • “We are the Champions” (Queen)
    • “Beautiful Day” (U2)
    • “Don’t Stop” (Fleetwood Mac)
    • “Celebration” (Kool & the Gang)
    • “We Are Family” (Sister Sledge)
    • “Born in the USA” (Bruce Springsteen)

Take a shot when:

  • “Trump country” mention:
  • Home state mention
  • Gerrymandering mention
  • Any time Putin or Russia is referenced (Preferably a shot of vodka)
  • They show more than 4 pundits sitting at a table together
  • Anytime a completely random totally unrelated statistic is referenced
  • Fake News mention (or pretend to take a shot)
  • Any shot of confetti or balloon drops:
  • When controversial breaking news occurs during the election results
  • If they show the results for an uncontested race
  • Any reference to Paul Manafort
  • If someone mentions voter suppression
  • Mention of Mueller
  • Mention of Cohen:

Take two drinks when:

  • Any mention of exit polling
  • Mention of  “New voting demographics”
  • Mention of  “Highest turnout since _____”
  • If you hear someone say “This is the most important election”
  • Mention of your current Congressperson/Senator/Governor by name
  • Explanation of what “Too early to call” / “Too close to call” means
  • If a third party candidate wins a seat

Finish your drink and a shot when: 

  • Someone you voted for is announced as a winner
  • If a candidate you voted for loses: (or alternatively, pour one out for your fallen candidate.)

If you have work the next day, be prepared with some Excedrin and sports drink of your liking! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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