A few weeks ago we asked our listeners and our readers whether Buzz's bad boy habit of spoiling movies and TV shows is really that big a deal. Well, the results are in and it looks like people might be more annoyed with Buzz than he thinks.

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With a peevish delight, an almost perverse joy, and an impish irreverence, Buzz gets a real kick out of spoiling surprises. But other people HATE it.  With good reason, too. 

It's not Buzz's fault, it's how he's hardwired, like an addict, and it comes from a belief that he's not really doing anything that wrong. Well a few weeks ago before Spider-Man: No Way Home came out Buzz's mouth had to be muzzled by Lisa and Joanna.

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And so, we put it to the people and created a poll online that asked the simple question is spoiling a movie, TV show, or book really that big a deal? The options were:

Yes, It's Terrible and I will CUT You


No, Not a big deal. People are TOO sensitive.

The Result? A resounding YES! Out of a whopping 25 responses, 24 thought Buzz, like Steve Kaplowitz from our sister station KROD 600, was a big stupid jerk.

So now we ask the people again what do you think of Buzz's spoiling and this time be specific tell us your thoughts and really give us your thoughts, and maybe we'll read it on air! POLL BELOW.

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