Every Sunday night, 10 to midnight, 95.5 KLAQ brings you 2 hours of the latest national releases & shining the spotlight on local artists: Q Connected.

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This week, we're gonna hear a special Metallica tribute from Juanes, the Latin pop artist from South America who will be making an appearance on The Metallica Blacklist, releasing September 10th. Over 50 artists from all different kinds of musical backgrounds, cultures & continents... each contributing a unique version of their favorite song from The Black Album & you'll hear a special cover of "Enter Sandman" by Juanes this Sunday.

We also have the outlaw pop artist Devora & in celebration of her debut EP "Outlaw" dropping this Friday, June 25th, we'll hear not one, nit two, but ALL FIVE of her songs. You can also see the music video of her debut single that started it all, Not Dead Yet, down below.

And of course we can't forget about local rock & this week we're gonna see A LOT of NEW. We have new artists making their debut for Q Connected this week such as The 1-800, Innocent Exile & a ton of artists returning with NEW songs like Man the Mute, Little King, Abysswalker, Kyng, Obscurity Within & MUCH more.

If you're a local artist & you perform in El Paso or within 200 miles of El Paso, you can submit your music for the NEXT Q Connected right HERE or send me an email at daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

Join me for Q Connected, Sunday night 10pm to midnight on 95.5 KLAQ.

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