It's no surprise...we love Metallica. Without a doubt one of the greatest bands in metal history & El Paso is no stranger to showing love for the MASTER....of thrash metal. Whether it's live in concert, on the records (or in one fan's case, appearing in a Metallica music video). That's why on Sunday, it's a very special show with plenty of Metallica & amazing rock from local rock bands that we call: Q-Connected from 5-7pm.

What's featured this week on Q Connected?

Simply put: a heavy serving of Metallica with an extra side of Metallica. And for dessert? MORE METALLICA. We're blasting out a ton of new songs from the release of their latest, 72 Seasons.

We'll see some love for Metallica done by local artists too.

The band Kyng, with El Paso drummer Pepe Le Clarke, has done a Metallica cover so we'll their rendition of "Escape" & super fan Kevin Leyva, whose YouTube channel is FULL of Metallica content, will also make an appearance on Sunday's Q Connected. You can see one of his most popular videos, and one of his songs, down below.

The local bands don't stop there; there's plenty more to enjoy

If you want to send your music for Q Connected, you send your music right HERE. Tune in for a very special Metallica Q Connected from 5 to 7pm.

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