Every Sunday afternoon, 5-7pm, 95.5 KLAQ brings you two hours of the latest national rock releases & we shine the spotlight on local rock from El Paso & around the Borderland: Q-Connected.

This week is a very special one because... well it's my last show. It's the last week I will be hosting Q Connected. I've had the pleasure of playing some of the BIGGEST names from El Paso including The Mars Volta,


the P. Razors,

& Cigarettes After Sex.

Including some amazing rock bands from Texas and across the Southwest.

And of course I've had the joy of playing some of the best local bands from El Paso, Juarez & Las Cruces include:

  • A Beautiful Rush, Abismo, Abysswalker, Acid Wave, Acid Pie, All Who Follow, Allway Drive, American Sellout, Anna Marie Rosales, Aquas Con El Roger, Artcrusher, As Hope, As The City Sleeps, AT AT, Audio Stigmata, Awaken The Silence
  • Between Zero & One, Blessed Be Man, Bloody Elephante, Bo0sty, Brittney's Rage, Burning Sunday
  • Cage & The Rampage, Chantal Camus, Circa Arcana, Civil Serpents, Coco Butter, Collide the Gemini, Cordova, Coventry, Crown of Horns
  • Dayluta Means Kindness, Damian Isaac, Damian Wyldes, Dan Fox, Daniel J Chavez, Danizta Meliade, Dawn of Flames, Death Gravity, Deliah Blue, Dicodec, Dippy In A Daze, Dizz Brew, Dreams of Luna, Dumb Youth,
  • Edison's Ear, EEP, Emilio Andrade, Emily Davis & The Murder Police, Epitaph Romance, Esteromance,
  • Fallex, Fat Camp, Father Wolf, Federal OFFense, Feline Fox, Flat Blak, Fools Like Me, Four Monsters, Foxy Mojo, Fraile,
  • Genocide Junkies, Get Well, [Ghoul], Gila Monster, Glass Townes, Glorious, Go Axe Alice, Go Get Em Tiger, Grace Budd, Grief Case, Gunfighters,
  • Halfway People, Hate In Disguise, Hollywood Bitch, Hot Shot Kixxx, Howard Roarke, Hyproglo,
  • I-Artifact, If We Were Turtles, Illum, In 4 the Kill, Innocent Exile, Intentions, Into the Spiral,
  • Jay & Chambers, Javier Martinez [Tale Of Giants], Jim Ward,, Jon Paul, Jules O, Justin Razo,
  • Kill Every Venue, Kevin Leyva, Kill Devil Theory, King Kalopsia, King Loser, Know Suffer, Kyng,
  • La Crime, Lalo, Laserbrain, Late Night Drive Home, Le Voyage, Lefty & The Cronies, Lily Jacks, Lipsticker, Little King, Los 202, Los Paps, Love Gush, Lovers End, Luis Arkangel, Luitunes,
  • Mad Love Trigger, Made En Mexico, Man the Mute, Melancholy 10, Melt Citizen, Mia Antifa, Middle Fingers Unfold, Mind Your Dream, Modern Blue, Mouthy Downtown,
  • Natural Disaster Sc, Nekrotek, Nightshift, Nothingtown, Novanima,
  • Obscurity Within, Ojo Malo [formerly Brother Strange]
  • Palmer, Parallex, Petty Humans [formerly Avindale], Phantom Kin, Pink Orange Red, Project Body,
  • Radio la Chusma, Ray Arreola Relayden, Revati, Rivers Ventura, Ron Cooper, Ross Ingram, Rugido De Felinos,
  • Saving Bandit, Scattered Storm, Seventh Eve, Shadow Valley, Shadowed Aura, Shalem, Social Life, Soul Parade, Special Edition, State Limbo, Steellake, Still I Stand, Styrofoam Girlfriend,  Sunset Lights, Sunset Standard, Swoon,
  • Tasting Colors, Texas Cut Throat, Texas Tali3an, Texas Voodoo Stomp, The 1800, The Anhedonians, The Band Roma, The Betrayed, The Car Bombs, The Dapples, The Dead Electrics, The Deep Shadows, The Fallen,  The Genders, The Hot Bachs, The Men From Mars, The Pivots, The ReVamps, The Rosie Valera Project, The Shadow Mountain, TheOdicy, Theory 7, Thorn, Tony Jupiter, Tony Ramirez, Tragic Landing, Tribes,
  • Villains Kiss, Voltaire, 
  • We Are Bastards, West Ember, Wolfskonig,
  • Xminus1
  • You're the Alibi, Yolotli

I've even gotten to play my dad's band, Full Bloom along with MY band, Second Nature.

I know I must've missed some names & bands I've played on the show but you know who you are. Thank you to every single local artist who has sent a song for the show; proving the local scene is strong & extremely talented.

Of course the show WILL go on without me; Dubba G will take over after this week. and as always you can always submit your songs for the show right HERE.

Join me for my final Q Connected show, Sunday, 5 to 7pm on 95.5 KLAQ.

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