El Paso has long been fascinated with Outlaws. This is where John Wesley Harden met his fate at the Acme Saloon back in 1895. His grave site in Concordia is a popular destination where locals regularly bring their out of town guests. Prostitution, a significant contribution to the settlement and advancement of old west towns, remained legal here until well into the Twentieth Century. A slew of gunfighters and gamblers either resided, passed through, or found fame from incidents that took place in old El Paso such as “Four dead in Five Seconds,” where Sheriff Dallas Stoudemire gunned down some bad men, though history does challenge just who was the “bad man” of that and similar dusty dramas.

In the tradition of colorful outlaw characters making an impression on Borderland residents, along comes Devora. Though she’s more welcome sight than one to fear, and only a select portion of Rock fans know who she is, her value on a “most wanted to perform here” poster should increase greatly as more and more people discover the Outlaw Devora!

Lei Phillips @leiphillips

Her debut EP “Outlaw” will be released on June 25th. You’ve already heard 2 of the albums 5 songs featured on Q-Connected, and even our El Paso after dark offering, the syndicated Rock radio show boomed across the nation Loudwire Nights. Our own Rock Reporter and fill-host for Loudwire Nights (when Toni Gonzalez is away) Kevin Vargas, recently set down with Devora to talk about her E.P. after having been graced with an advance preview of the album.

“I stumbled onto Devora almost by accident through our mutual appreciation of black cats. She’s a fascinating person and every time we talk I get glimpses of that imaginative landscape inside her brain and can only wonder what other stories are rolling like a tumbleweed in that head of hers.” –Kevin.

Taking a “drive” through the desolate and desperate desert stage of this modern goth-western takes us first down the road with the opening track “Fist Fight.” It’s pretty obvious this toxic relationship is not going to end well. With lyrics “on the freeway at night,” and “running away,” it sets the stage for the underlining theme tying the 5-songs in the story together.

In track 2 “Body Bag,” (heard on KLAQ) we learn this woman has had enough and is NOT going to take it anymore. “I wanna put you in a body bag. Ride off into the sunset. How’s that for a comeback.” This is a song of empowerment. Texturally you easily get absorbed into the beat and may start moving random body parts to the rhythm. You can easily hear her Trent Rezner influences with its techno-industrial components.

Track 3 is the title track “Outlaw,” and speaks of the results of revenge and expands on the character’s mythology.

Track 4 was the first song that introduced us to Devora “Not Dead Yet” (heard on KLAQ). It’s a rocker that tells a tale that not only is our heroine hanging in there, and that this drama is coming to its conclusion.

Track 5 “Elvis,” is a haunting little song of hope. You almost believe the worst is behind her, while providing a little backstory to what brought this Outlaw to this point in her life.

Now that you have an idea of what Devora and her album “Outlaw” is all about, really get to know her.

On June 25th her music will be available everywhere, and sometime after we anticipate Devora coming to town to play for us. KLAQ has a challenge for Devora. Write a modern western gothic song about El Paso. Here’s some sources for inspiration:

Perhaps some bitter family member still holding a grudge on an old west ancestor’s behalf.

Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas

A ghost, we’re got a long more than a couple of locations that have been featured on various national Haunted TV series.

A ghost, we’ve got a long history of tragedy and the kind of deaths that could lead to a wandering spirit or two…or ten.

Kevin Vargas

A history tied to the arrival of trains.

A history tied to prostitution.

Kevin Vargas

The border.

International bridges to Mexico. There was even a FX series called “The Bridge.” Though it took some liberties with visuals, many were indeed shots from actual West Texas locations.

Kevin Vargs

The Rio Grande.

Kevin Vargs

A dusty desert landscape. Yeah, we’ve got some of that.

Scott Lewis

Haboobs! But only during windy season.

Kevin Vargas
Kevin Vargas

Illegals! Yeah, every so often people sneak into the country, but oh the stories they bring.

Kevin Vargas

Scorpions. Devora has a fascination with scorpions. Those, we’ve got.

Nico Smit

Snakebite put’s a hero or heroine in peril.


The kind of colorful stores people outside of El Paso would wonder, “is that a real place?”

Kevin Vargas

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