Every so often the world goes through major changing events & they become the focal point for artists to write music about. Since 2020, the pandemic has absolutely been a major factor for many musicians to write about: the frustrations, the fears & uncertainties of what will happen the next day. That is absolutely the case for El Paso artist, Little King, who's back with another single that just came out this weekend.

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Last month,  Little King released the first new single for 2021 called "Keyboard Soldier". This weekend they've released their 2nd new single, which definitely captured the beginning of the 2020 pandemic & it's called "Bombs Away".

When speaking to Ryan Rosoff, the guitarist/lead singer, he told me he was very inspired by the sound of Rush & the late Neil Peart when writing the new song. One look into the lyrics & it paints a very vivid recollection of the start of the pandemic:

"I haven’t seen the light in damn near seven days, A sheltered place, A covered face, An empty space of isolation...But I can’t remember what day it is And I haven’t shaved in a week..."

But my favorite part is near the end of the song when the lyrics give a sense of hope even things are at its bleakest: "Coming together, Things will get better, Hope is untethered - The comeback is real, The skies were gray, But that’s okay, I’m heading for the sun and all its brilliant rays, A shining face, A warm embrace, A loving place of exultation"

The new album "Amuse De Q" releases September 3rd & you can hear Little King on Q Connected, Sunday nights at 10pm. If you're a local artist, you can submit your music for the show right HERE.

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