The El Paso music scene is always spawning new bands, talent & new releases. Some of the artists making new music have been around for over 20 years. For example Little King.

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Little King have been releasing music since 1997, consisting of Ryan Rosoff on guitar/vocals, Manny Tejada on bass/vocals &  Pissing Razor's drummer Eddy Garcia. To stay creative after making music for over 2 decades, in Ryan's words, he stays creative by a drive to "leave a lasting legacy of music and words, because I literally make up songs in my head all day (ask my kids), and I love the challenge of trying to complete the puzzle of each album. The creation of an album from scratch is a formidable undertaking. The artwork, the players, the words, the music, the equipment, the recording/mixing/mastering process, the promotion of the's all so challenging and complex. For me, the completion of that, and this is the 7th time since 1997 that I have completed a project, is the ultimate satisfaction of both hemispheres of the brain. It's a matter of organization and skill and project management while undertaking a creative endeavor that is literally from my head."

Little King will be releasing their 7th album, "Amuse De Q" on 9/3. The music video for the first single "Keyboard Soldier" came out today as a direct "response to what I witnessed in 2020 as the pandemic gripped the country at the same time as George Floyd was murdered, the election raged,  and our country was unraveling at the seams. I think "Keyboard Soldier" is accessible while still being fairly challenging and complex, and that's what a good LK song is supposed to sound like. It's a good pre-cursor to what people will hear on the rest of Amuse De Q when it drops on 9/3/21, but this is by far the most angry and political song on the album".

Ryan also went on to state that there will be another video dropping on 8/6 before the album drops on 9/3. You can hear Little King on Q Connected, Sunday nights, 10 pm to midnight. If you're a local artist, you can also submit your music HERE or send me an email at

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