Every Sunday night, 10pm to Midnight, 95.5 KLAQ brings two hours of the latest national rock & we shine the spotlight on local rock from & around the Borderland that we call Q-Connected.

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This week we're going to play a LOT of Metallica tributes; both from national artists AND some local artists. The Metallica Blacklist, comes out next Friday, September 10th, & it's a huge collection of over 50 different artists, from many different musical backgrounds, continents, generations... all paying their respect by playing their own version of their favorite Black Album song. This week, you're going to hear some of those songs FROM the Blacklist: Royal Blood performing "Sad But True", Biffy Clyro performing "Holier Than Thou", two distinct versions of "Enter Sandman" by Weezer & the latin pop artist Juanes (that comes with a special message FROM James Hetfield himself INTRODUCING the song), Volbeat performing "Don't Tread On Me" (which you can check out down below), & much more.

And of course you'll hear PLENTY of local rock: tonight we have Soul Parade, Coco Butter, Brother Strange, Obscurity Within, Man the Mute, Abysswalker, Kevin Leyva (whose entire YouTube channel is dedicated TO Metallica) & a cover of Metallica's "Escape" by Kyng.

If you're a local artist who performs in or within 200 miles of El Paso, you can submit your music for the next Q Connected right HERE or send me an email at daniel.paulus@townsquaremedia.com

Join me for Q-Connected, Sunday nights, 10pm to Midnight, on 95.5 KLAQ.

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