Sunday night, Q Connected was graced with the appearance of the guys from the band The Dreaming. Featuring some members of Stabbing Westward, they spent some time with Ray talking about their new band, new music and played a couple songs acoustically!

In segment one, Ray asked Chris about how The Dreaming came together, and Chris laid out the end of Stabbing Westward,

"About a week before Stabbing broke up, I knew. It's like when you smell it in the air. Called Johnny who'd been the drummer in Stabbing before, and said I've got all these song ideas that were supposed to be the next Stabbing record but I don't really see that happening. We're not really getting along."

Apparently, the end of Stabbing Westward was not an amicable split, with half the band wanting to go in a more pop direction, and the other half wanting to return to their original sound.

"There was so much hate in the band. Everyone hated what everyone else what writing. Half the band wanted to wanted to continue down that Goo Goo Dolls path that made the last album suck."

The Dreaming

In the second segment, Chris talked about the freedom of being independent and record albums at home,

"Now we can sell forty records and break even. It's awesome."

The band is even thinking about working on the next album, even though "Puppet" just came out.

"We're taking January off. Maybe getting together and writing a handful of songs to start the next record so it's not a three-year process."

Check out the acoustic performance of Stabbing Westward's "What Do I Have To Do"

And here's The Dreaming's "Breathing"!