The FX Network television show set in El Paso begins season 2 this summer!

The Bridge, a crime/drama ... is "creepy" a tv show style? ... set in El Paso begins it's second season in July.

In season 1 an El Paso Police Detective named Sonya Cross (Diane Kruger) gets teamed up with a detective from Juarez, Marco Ruiz. (Demian Bichir)  He was GREAT in Weeds! She wants nothing to do with him and always goes by the book.  He likes her and couldn't follow the rules on a bet.  Not exactly original but, it works as you get to know the characters.

By the end of season 1 they had encountered every weirdo in west Texas, we had seen a very active smugglers tunnel under a widows ranch and met the corrupt folks in "J" - Town.  We also got some interesting views of "El Paso", a few bad guys went down and Ruiz's son was murdered.

All in all, it was a great season.  Check out the trailer for season2!