There is a show you can see about two dudes who take their bromance to an adventurous level. The two homies for life are getting a break from their families to show you the 101 places you should party at before you die.

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Now the two comedians Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus have traveled across the country and out of the United States to show us their favorite spots. You will be able to catch their wild adventures featured on 101 Places to Party Before You Die on truTV.

Obviously, we all should know why Denver made it on their list and I am sure it has something to do with the devil's lettuce. Now, in my opinion, I believe El Paso, Texas should be a part of the places to party before you die list.

The main purpose of this is to show you the 101 places to eat, drink, and party before you die. In my personal opinion, I believe that my hometown El Paso, Texas should be on its 101 places to party list.

Luckily, for El Paso, we are right next door to Ciudad Juarez which is a short drive. Plus, you should also know they have bomb places to eat, drink, and party too.

For example, Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus can kill two birds with one stone on their party adventure in El Paso. The guys can hit up some places in El Paso and Juarez all in the same day.

Imagine, the two friends can easily say they partied in two countries all in one day which says a lot. This is why I believe Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus should include El Paso, Texas on their 101 Places to Party Before You Die segment on truTV.

Now as for places to eat, there are too many to name but to name a few, El Charlatan EP, El Chucoviche Mariscos, Dia De Los Pescados, and more.

We all know El Paso has plenty to offer Adam Pally and Jon Gabrus, who are looking for some dope places to party. Feel free to share your two cents if you also feel El Paso, Texas should make it on their list in the poll below.

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