I was scrolling through pictures and came across one that is perfect to share for Flashback Friday. The picture I came across was taken over 28 years ago in Dallas, Texas. I was 6 years-old in the picture above and my sister who is beside me was 11 at the time. In the '80s my mom was obsessed with a television show called Dallas. The television series began in 1978 and wrapped up their final season in 1991. My parents thought a fun road trip then would consist of visiting Southfork Ranch in Texas.

Southfork Ranch was known from the television series Dallas which my mom was a fanatic of. Now in the photo, you will notice my sister smiling nicely while I (on the right) wasn't. I didn't understand the excitement for visiting landscapes where shows were filmed then but appreciate it now. My Flashback Friday photo sure did leave me feeling appreciative for that visit then because of the history Southfork Ranch has.

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