Here in El Paso we've had a bunch of things "based" in El Paso. There's a scene from The Punisher and also Sicario. There was also The Bridge, a whole show based in El Paso. Some folks over on Reddit were taking a look at other movies and TV shows that are based in Texas and judging whether or not it actually looks like that area.

Reddit user DoomyEyes said:

Texans; what movie or show set in Texas is the most offensively inacurrate to ya?

I never seen the show, but I saw trailers and that was enough for me... but "Waco." Waco is like east central Texas so fairly green... but the show shows desert landscape which is NOTHING like Waco. It was even filmed in New Mexico. Might as well name it "Odessa" lol. Bad geography offends me, even more so than bad accents.

kokomo214 said:

The movie Swordfish….Hugh Jackman’s character supposedly works in the oil fields in Midland, but if you’ve ever been to Midland, you know it looks NOTHING like the movie portrays.

TheShuffle replied with:

9-1-1: Lone Star is fresh in my mind, but I don't know if it was the worst.

Meanwhile, King of the Hill is basically a documentary.

TheShuffle's response then sparked a bunch of people to talk about how they either can't or don't need to watch King of the Hill because it is basically their family.

spaceman_spiff1969 added:

The original Friday Night Lights (the book by H.G "Buzz" Bissinger) was a savage denunciation of the gridiron football cult at Odessa Permian High School. He got run out of town with a shotgun-and-pitchfork brigade hot on his heels.

ETA: But that's growing up in West Texas for you. Football is everything there...likely because there is absolutely nothing else

ETA2: Though our girls high school basketball team won a few playoff games...but never made it all the way to State.

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