The Bridge, a new series on FX set in El Paso, premiered last night. Did you see it?

I've been waiting to see The Bridge awhile now so I was really looking forward to last night.  It looks ok so far but I'm going to wait another episode or two before I give it an official thumbs up. (or down!)

If you haven't seen it yet, careful ... there are spoilers in here!


It looks interesting but until they explain what the dead guy that doesn't love his wife has to do with it, I'm not ruling out the possibility it could get stupid.  The El Paso cop, Sonya Cross (played by Diane Kruger) seems like a stoned robot at times. That characterization could push the show towards stupid also. (I kinda think what's going on there though will eventually be shown as a medical condition. Aspegers' Syndrome perhaps.  Either that or her demeanor ... spoiler #1!! ... will be tied to the death of her sister.)

We'll see, but so far so good!!  I did notice a couple of errors in the show though. Not necessarily full blown foul ups ... except # 2 below! ... just things only an El Pasoan would notice. (Outside of the fact that ... spoiler #2!! ... whoever examined the judges body and pronounced her dead somehow missed the fact that she'd been cut in half.)

Spoilers 3, 4, 5 and 6 lie ahead!!



3)  This ones a technical "oops".  When the killer cut the power to the bridge, he disables all the lights, cameras, computers, etc. (1) Don't they have backup generators and (2) how come all the headlights, taillights and interior lights on the cars waiting in line go out also?

4)  This one is an "El Pasoan only" oops and a technical one.  When Sonya goes to notify the judges husband of her death, she parks on Rim Road and the camera pans west.  (Only an El Pasoan would get that.....) It's supposed to be 2 or 3 in the morning but, along the western horizon (sort of toward Christo Rey), you can see the last remnants of the sun setting! (That I credit as a technical oops.)

5)  Here's another "only an El Pasoan would know" oops.  When Sonya and Marco answer the bomb threat call at City Hall (they soooooooooo should have used the footage of City Hall being blown up here!!) they approach from the Union Depot side.  They drive up and walk straight into an underground parking garage that doesn't (ok, didn't) exist.

Once they are at the entrance, the background changes. Behind them ... and slightly blurred ... you can make out a glass skyscraper.  Not the the historic homes or the depot you should see at that angle. (The show is filmed here AND at locations in California so, again, only an El Pasoan would notice that!)

6) This ones a technical.  (And it's iffy ... I may be wrong.)  After the EP Sheriffs find the judges car, I'm pretty sure someone remarks that the body (well the legs anyway) were taken into Pecos.  They were far out of El Paso, along 180 somewhere.  However if they were so far out that the body fell under Pecos'  jurisdiction, they'd have been out of the EP Sheriffs jurisdiction as well right??  Anyway .......


The Bridge does look promising and I don't mean to slam it, I just thought I'd point those "glitches" out!  I'm going to wait a few more episodes before I decide whether or not I love it.  However, with FX Networks track record (Anger Management, American Horror Story, Sons Of Anarchy, etc...) this could well become yet another very engaging and entertaining show for them!

What did you think?