The Walking Dead is a huge part of our lives now. Don't be afraid to admit it. Sometimes new episodes leave us disappointed and that's when a Walking Dead drinking game is needed. The upcoming episodes of Season 4 are looking pretty promising, but we never know what can happen, so that's when alcohol comes in.

I like to catch all the details when watching the premiere of new episodes, so I would recommend to play this game when you are watching the replay that comes on after The Talking Dead. If you want to sleep good use hard liquor but if you want to feel like Daryl and Merle, use beer.

Take One Drink:

  • Every time someone kills a walker
  • When Michonne pulls out her Katana
  • When you start missing Hershel
  • When someone screams
  • When Daryl pulls out his crossbow
  • When Carl touches his stupid hat
  • If someone gets pissed off
  • When Rick yells, "Carl"

Take Two Drinks 

  • Every time someone is attacked by a Walker
  • When someone mentions a character that is dead
  • When Chris Hardwick interrupts the show to promote The Talking Dead
  • When they show a Walker feasting on flesh, makes ya thirsty!
  • Every time Beth tries to act like a badass
  • When Glen is being a badass, it's about damn time!
  • When a flashback scene happens

Finish Your Drink

  • When Judith cries because that's the only way you won't get annoyed
  • When Carl goes missing, disobeys Rick or thinks he's a badass
  • If any of the characters die, you will need to numb the pain!

If you want to be a little more creative, everyone that's playing has to pick a character before the show starts and if that character dies, they have to go buy more alcohol! One more rule, if Daryl dies, we RIOT!

What would you add to my Walking Dead drinking game?