I wonder if people who enjoy playing the field in the dating life avoided moving to Dallas, Texas because of the television show Cheaters? I wonder if more residents in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are fully and faithfully committed to their significant other because of that show?

Before I used to watch that show quite often until it happened to me.

After I was cheated on years ago, I wasn't able to watch that show, since it would trigger my anxiety.

After time passed, I can now see it without it affecting me.

From the time I took a break from the show, it has gone through some host. From Joey Greco to Clark Gable, there is now a new host for Cheaters, Peter Gunz.

You can catch a clip of Peter Gunz hosting above from Mando Brown's YouTube. I caught a marathon recently of Cheaters and it had me wondering something.

If Cheaters can change hosts so many times, it might as well change the location but keep it in Texas.

Let's just say out of the blue if Cheaters were to relocate to El Paso, I think there would probably be hell to pay.

I remember just last year all the chisme aka tea spilling of exposing cheating men in El Paso on Facebook.

When that Facebook page was created, all hell broke loose when certain women in El Paso discovered they were sharing the same man.

Can you imagine if Cheaters came to film and expose the cheaters that live here in El Paso? It has me wonder what the cheaters in the 915 area would do if that television show came to the borderland. I would hope the unfaithful men and women would change their ways or instead end the relationship with the person they're going to cheat on. But you gotta admit, Cheaters would bring quite the entertainment to El Paso. Picture it yourself, you're out and about at the places cheaters take their side pieces to and all of a sudden busted with cameras all around.

I want to know what you would do if Cheaters were to relocate to El Paso in the poll below.

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