I honestly thought the television show about a place WE call home (El Paso/Juarez) would make it big. If you've always had cable or satellite, you have probably checked out the tv series, The Bridge years ago. It was 2013 when The Bridge was released and got some of us hooked to just leave us hanging dry a little over a year later. I would see my newsfeed statuses filled with bridge talk and what is in store for the future episode.

When you would watch the FX Network television series, The Bridge always left some of you wanting more. It was a show that exposed situations we continue to still deal with being neighbors with Ciudad Juarez.  According to Deadline, The FX Network had canceled The Bridge after just two seasons. Deadline explains how the beginning of Season 1 was a hit that pulled in a ton of viewers. But as the show closely approached the end of Season 1, it had lost quite a bit of the viewers.

When Season 2 rolled around it confused me a bit because of the new additions added to the show. I honestly didn't think that The Bridge would be cut short after only 2 seasons. If you've been wanting to watch the series all over again you can see it on Amazon Prime Video. People outside of El Paso, Texas observed the things people say only happen in movies have actually happened to us in real life. If you did or didn't want The Bridge to last longer than it did click on your answer below.

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