Cesar Soto is a truly a local legend. He's been making music for over 2 decades playing with COUNTLESS bands like Man the Mute, Years of Cold, Tides of Titans and of course...Ministry. He's also been featured in many guitar magazines & now... he has his OWN line of guitars.

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Schecter guitars have always been a symbol of power & metal since 1976. Some notable players include Synster Gates/Zacky Vengance/Johnny Christ (Avenged Sevenfold), Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Zakk WyldeNikki Sixx & Michael Anthony. In fact our very own Ray Arreola loves using the Schecter Hellraiser when he plays his solo material or with the local band Innocent Exile.

Now there's a new artist with their OWN line of signature Schecter guitars, our very own Cesar Soto.

Schecter Guitars
Schecter Guitars

You can find, on the Schecter website, a line for Cesar's signature satin black E-1 guitar. It's a right handed guitar with a mahogany body, gold hardware, ebony fretboard, & 6 Ernie Ball strings.

As one could imagine, Cesar was extremely grateful to be a Schecter signature artist: "I can't begin to describe how floored & honored I am to be part of the Schecter signature roster. I've been with Schecter since 2016 and they've been nothing but supportive in my journey & I can't thank them enough". You can find all specs & how to get the Cesar Soto signature Schecter guitar right HERE.

In addition to his new line of guitars, Cesar Soto has been keeping very busy this year with new project, Man the Mute, already releasing 3 singles: "Blotter", "Give Em Hell" & "Way of Knowing" in addition to recording a new music video in LA.

You can hear Man the Mute on Q Connected, Sunday nights at 10pm & if you're a local artist, you can submit your music for the show right HERE.

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