El Paso, Texas is full of amazing talent; of course many musicians stay in town, others go on to became famous on their own or with national acts (or have lived here in El Paso before). One of those names is Cesar Soto. Not only does the legendary guitarist play with Ministry, he has his own line of Jackson guitars & he also has his own project called "Man the Mute". After releasing singles for the last 2 years, we will finally get a full length album this year.

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Leonardo Trevino
Leonardo Trevino
Leonardo Trevino

When will Man the Mute release their new album for 2023?

It was announced earlier this month, November 11th, that we will get the first Man the Mute album called "Songs For Peace, Songs for War". The album will be released all streaming services on December 15th, with pre-orders on December 8th. The track list will contain 8 songs, 5 of which have been previously released as singles:

1. Distance Between
2. Quickly Forget
3. Way Of Knowing
4. Willow
5. Give Em Hell
6. Blotter
7. The Shift
8. Songs For Peace, Songs for War

We HAVE played many of these songs before on Q Connected; "Give Em Hell", "Way of Knowing", "Willow", "Give Em Hell", "Blotter" & "The Shift" have all been heard on the show before as well as the latest song "Distance Between" (and trust me Q Connected WILL play more in the future).

Even though Cesar currently lives in Los Angeles. California, he is and always will be an El Pasoan at heart, no matter where he is & we love him for it. You can find more information on Man the Mute's Facebook & Instagram pages.

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