Last month, Jim Ward surprised everyone by announcing that he has new music coming out. It wasn't new Sparta or At the Drive-In, but his new solo album coming out June 11th called "Daggers" & we got to hear the very first single called "Paper Fish". A month later, Jim released another new song to check out.

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The new song is called "I Got a Secret" & Jim's not alone on the track. He is joined along side musician/activist Shawna Potter from the band War On Women. The new single is definitely a different sound compared to "Paper Fish". This one is much more raw, aggressive & angry, which is how Jim Ward wanted the sound to be. Jim explains that "the song was written in the summer of 2020, trying to emote the frustrations fueled by a pandemic, our government leadership & senseless messed up a time as any I've seen in my life".

Listening to "I Got A Secret", there is definitely plenty of power behind the guitar, the bass, the drums, & most certainly the vocals. Honestly this new song really does remind me that old Sparta, At the Drive-In sound. In addition to releasing the song everywhere online, there's also a new music video for "I Got A Secret" that was directed by Rachel Richards that was just released on Thursday.

Jim Ward's new album "Daggers" drops everywhere June 11th & you can hear Jim Ward on Q Connected, Sunday nights, 10pm to midnight. If you're a local artist from El Paso (or perform within 200 miles OF El Paso), you can submit your music HERE or send me an email at

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