Some of us were beginning to wonder when we would be hearing new music from Sparta or maybe At the Drive-In. Well, a lot of us were in store for a huge surprise when Jim Ward released new music. Besides that, we were taken back when he also announced his new upcoming solo album Daggers.

If you were listening to the Buzz Adams Morning Show Thursday morning, you were probably taken off guard. Don't worry I too freaked out and was extremely stoked hearing his voice sing again. Lately, it seems like going solo is the new trend that is going around.

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For example, one well-known dude who is blowing it out of the park solo is Corey Taylor. But back to the local man, Jim Ward who continues to make El Paso proud. We were lucky enough for Jim Ward to share his first single "Paper Fish" with us.

Jim Ward was interviewed by Flood Magazine and mentioned something he thinks about and works towards every single day. He talked about life being a journey and that journey consists of being a better person. Well, in our eyes Jim Ward is definitely a good person especially when he tries to help others.

For example, he brought back Sparta for the 'El Paso Forever' benefit concert to give back to his community. The concert benefitted the El Paso Community Foundation back on November 20, 2018. If you missed the "Paper Fish" preview on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, you can hear his new single from the lyric video above. Also, be sure to hear him back on KLAQ again on Q-Connected Sunday evening.

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