The day he passed, I wanted to write something about him but, what? A question made tougher by the fact that he'd be mad at me for doing it. Scott Ronson didn't like that kind of attention and never wanted anyone feeling sorry for him. 

I wrote something anyway though because, 1) he would have done it just to piss ME off and 2) you guys also loved him, so I had to. Cramming a zillion stories of rocking, hell - raising and brotherhood into a few sentences isn't easy though, especially with Scott. He was quite a character, to say the least.

Kevin Vargas

I wound up writing about the trouble we'd had trying to air a tribute to him. Perfectly good machines just quit working and I'm sure it was Scotty, trying to prevent what he called a "pity party". As I said, he didn't like things like that and, I know those glitches were all him trying to stop us. Cantankerous and stubborn 'til the end, (and beyond), that was my brother!

He was also warm and loving and, if he liked you, there was NOTHING he wouldn't do for you.

Things still occasionally go wrong here in the Scott Ronson Memorial Studio. It's the nature of the equipment but, it's not always just the equipment. When something goes wrong for no damn reason at all and I have to go tearing down the hall at full speed to get on it, I swear I hear Scott giggling.

Keep stopping by brother, we love and miss you.