In case some of you don't know already today is the late Scott Ronson's birthday. Scott Ronson was loved by so many here in the 915. He was loved so much that every Christmas people would drop in to give him a bottle of Jack Daniels. But when he would be working in the studio on his day of birth the rock line was always blowing up. A lot of you as well as his work family here at the Q loved his blunt ways of telling it like it is. Scott Ronson doesn't shy away from telling you what is on his mind or what he really thinks. I miss and enjoyed the conversations we had when I was his relief here at work. Scott Ronson had such a huge heart despite the way he would talk about issues like being a maid.

Although he knew I could be sensitive at times he would sugar-coat his advice for me. But back to Scott Ronson having such a huge heart he strongly believes in designated drivers. The times I would come into work to relieve him at 7:45 pm he would hang out at work for hours. I never understood why Scott would hang out at work after his shift for hours on the computer. One day I ended my curiosity and asked him while he was playing a game of solitaire on the computer. The reason Scott Ronson stayed after hours was to give his friend who had been drinking a ride home. I am sure you have a lovely memory to look back on that you shared with Scott Ronson. Today I honor our late Scott "Mr. Chi Chi's" Ronson on his day of birth with my favorite memory of him.

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