Fat Tuesday is the time you always remember two special people from KLAQ who are no longer with us. When this particular day rolls around you think of two men who loved what this day stood for. The two we love and miss are Scott Ronson and Rick "Mardi Gras" once a part of KLAQ. They were the two dudes that absolutely loved what Fat Tuesday stood for.

They were the guys you had a blast hearing and seeing in El Paso. Rick "Mardi Gras" and Scott Ronson were known for going all out during Fat Tuesday. Today was usually declared as Rick's day and Scott's for one particular reason, chi chis.

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We should all know the meaning behind Mardi Gras and what it actually stands for. It's a carnival celebration that leads up to Lent. Lent is when we practice fasting during Ash Wednesday.

But for others, Fat Tuesday is a thrilling time for most men simply for the perks of watching women flash for beads. Scott Ronson will always be remembered today simply for the chi chis. He would always post a different pair of chi chis up for you to vote which were the best.

As for Ric,k he was all about celebrating today, after all, he was nicknamed "Mardi Gras" for a reason. He was your man and the best host that you always had a good time around. Hence, why he was always our main host for big celebrations every time Fat Tuesday rolled around.

We all truly miss those two special dudes that were always so kind especially to the ladies. Let me know if you also remember Scott Ronson and Rick "Mardi Gras" every year Fat Tuesday rolls around in the poll below.

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