Everyone has met a different version of the late Scott Ronson when he was around. Scott Ronson had no problem expressing out loud what he was thinking.

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Locals and friends of mine told me their personal stories which still crack me up. One of those stories was how Scott Ronson played a game of darts which he lost.

Scott Ronson's wager was a pair of BalloonFest tickets which he had given to my friends for winning. I confronted Scott Ronson, and if you know him, then you know how he reacted.

Scott's reaction then was hilarious because he chuckled and of course threw a curse word out. Scott Ronson definitely felt and saw the love from you, his fans, during his benefit. Just refer to KLAQ's YouTube video directly below.

It was the time Pop Evil performed at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center and all of you chanted his name. Those heartfelt memories aren't the only ones we have of him.

Everyone should be familiar with the time Scott was beyond upset about a mess being left in the studio. That was when a former multi-task employee Johnnie Walker made a hilarious cartoon clip of Scott's rant.

If this is news to you then just be sure to give the video (above) a watch and understand. But Scott also had what I like to call a teddy bear side for the ones he cared about.

There were times I was his relief at work and he would stay past his shift to protect a friend. Now by protect I mean he would stay behind just to be his friend's designated driver.

Another fun moment was the time I got to ghost hunt with him and Johnnie Walker. That was the creepy night I had stopped trusting the women's bathroom.

Scott Ronson told it like it was and will continue to be missed. On May 19, 2015, Scott Ronson passed away and a lot of listeners had a heavy heart after. So to honor the late Scott Ronson, make sure to stand your ground and raise your Jack Daniels in the air.

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