On this day in 2015 family, friends, co-workers, and listeners were mourning the great Scott Ronson. He fought quite the battle with cancer and is rocking up in the heavens. Scott Ronson definitely loved his time on the airwaves because it was his time with you.

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He was definitely appreciative of his listeners and you showed him your appreciation around Christmas. I remember right before the Christmas holiday random listeners would stop by the station to drop off a special Christmas gift for Scott Ronson. Every Christmas Scott Ronson would leave work with about 4 or 5 bottles of Jack Daniels.

Scott Ronson was a responsible man when he would enjoy a drink or two. But he was also the responsible friend who would hang out at work after his shift to be his friend's designated driver. Everyone remembers Scott Ronson in their own way but a lot of people could also relate to Scott Ronson's work troubles.

I thought it would be nice to go back in time and visit a fond memory we still laugh about with Scott Ronson. In 2014, Scott was ready to begin his shift but wasn't pleased when he had to clean up a mess that wasn't his. He sure did vent about it asking listeners to chime in about that particular topic by calling the rock line.

Now after he vented on the air one of our staff turned Scott Ronson into a funny cartoon voiced over by his venting session. This memory is one of my favorites of Scott Ronson that I like visiting because he made me laugh so much. So tonight raise a glass of Jack Daniel's in honor of the late and forever remembered, Scott Ronson.

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