We've had some truly memorable interviews at KLAQ. Many of them done by people who don't work for KLAQ anymore but they're always members of the Q family.

So that's why I wanted to take a trip down memory lane: let's take a look at some truly memorable interviews from members of the Q family who aren't working for us anymore.

Some you can find on the KLAQ YouTube channel, some have been uploaded by users, like ChronCrue, who found THIS gem back on June 11th, 1994:

  • Drummer Tommy Lee & lead singer (at the time) John Corabi of Motley Crue appeared in the Q studio to about their show that was later that same night. Nikki Sixx also makes a cameo appearance.

Speaking of KLAQ gems, how about Magic Mike & his 2003 interview with the Red Rocker himself... Sammy Hagar!

We miss Scott Ronson every day. He's given us so many great moments but one of my personal favorite interviews was this one:

  • The 2012 interview with Rick DeJesus of Adeltias Way. Rick talked about how they got their name & when they got busted in Tijuana.

I'd like to give a special mention to Rick Mardi Gras who got to interview my dad when he played in Full Bloom way back in 2011. There's no audio of the interview but there IS a photo he took of the band in the studio. We miss you Rick...

Full Bloom
Full Bloom in the KLAQ studio

Yta Von G has uploaded some of her favorite moments during her time with the Q. I personally loved her interview with Aranda AFTER their performance at the 2013 KLAQ Balloonfest.

Lisa Sanchez from the Buzz Adams Morning Shows has given us SO MANY great interviews; you could easily make a top 10 of her pieces alone.

  • There's the one where she interviewed Brad Wilk of Rage Against the Machine/Prophets of Rage in 2016,
  • Her 2015 interview with John 5, one Lisa would bring up A TON on the MoSho.
  • There's the ever so intense Kerry King of Slayer.

Lisa even had a hand in getting one lucky fan to meet Corey Taylor of Slipknot.

And last but certainly not least, we can't leave out Veronica Gonzalez. Friday was her last day (we're gonna miss you!!!) & she posted some her favorite moments working for KLAQ & KISS FM. Over her 12 year career, she gave us some AMAZING interviews, ones that she is very proud of.

  • She got to interview Tim Mcllrath of Rise Against, while asking some very intriguing questions,
  • There's the interview with the "love of her life" Maria Brink of In This Moment before the 2017 Downtown Streetfest.
  • And of course the one with her ACTUAL love of her life.... Chino Moreno of the Deftones. (I'll miss our talks about Chino. And don't worry V. You'll get another interview with him!)

They're always forever members of the KLAQ family. We love & miss them all!

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