Some of us have stories we love to share that involve a couple of guys we miss. The couple of guys I am referring to are Scott Ronson and Rick Madrigal. Different people have their own encounters and stories involving the late Scott Ronson and Rick Madrigal.

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I have my fair share of funny drinking stories with those two fellas from the past. I don't mind sharing them with you either especially since Dia de Los Muertos is coming up.

Now with Scott Ronson, I didn't experience the craziness some of you may have. The one time I had a drink with Scott Ronson was right before Christmas in 2012.

When Scott Ronson was still rocking the airwaves so many listeners would drop off bottles of Jack Daniels for him. He would leave work with about 5 or 6 bottles of Jack Daniels to take home thanks to some of you.

Of course, Scott Ronson being such a nice guy, he even offered up one of his bottles to me. Unfortunately, turned it down because Jack Daniels and I do not get along.

But the cool thing about Scott Ronson was that he always played the role of a designated driver. Scott Ronson would stay after his shift and play solitaire waiting for his friend to call him for a ride home.

The only time I ever got to drink with Scott Ronson was when we took a shot together. But some friends of mine told me about a time they got to drink with Scott Ronson.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

One time they caught him out at a bar and played a game of darts for a pair of tickets to a KLAQ event. Which by the way my friends won the tickets but have that great story with Scott Ronson.

Plus, those who attended the Pop Evil benefit show at Speaking Rock Entertainment Center can say they have done cheers with Scott Ronson. Now as for Rick Madrigal, I was able to catch out and about at places and have a drink with him.

We once were able to celebrate his favorite time of the year, Mardi Gras. He was always the center of attention because of how outgoing he was.

Veronica Gonzalez
Veronica Gonzalez

He always knew how to make anyone feel welcome and had the best speech before doing cheers. But one night Rick Madrigal was out and about with a local band and did snow angels on the floor of a parking lot. Those are some good times I will always cherish and be thankful I got to experience with Scott Ronson and Rick Madrigal.

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