I think local TV newscasts could learn a lot about how to handle screw-ups from OUR show. Our secret is : screw up so often that no one screw-up stands out. It’s worked for us for years.

Here are my personal notes on some of this month’s highlights.

  • 0:58---Never…NEVER assume anyone’s gender unless you’re 100% sure. “That’s a MAN, man!”
  • 1:11---There’s no salvaging this one. “Deceased hero…(checks script)…D.D…Mega Doo Doo?”
  • 2:18---That’s not your belt buckle, dude.
  • 4:54---At this point are you really drawing LESS attention to the problem by whispering to your producer to cut? Wouldn’t it be less awkward if you just said, “Look, we’re having a bunch of problems. I think it would be best if we went to a break while I go back to my desk and finish the bottle of Tanqueray I have hidden In the bottom drawer”?
  • Finally, there were several moments in the final blooper that need to be commented upon.
  • 8:18---This is what it looks like when you start to realize that your chosen profession is utterly ridiculous.
  • 8:26----These two women REALLY do not like each other.
  • 9:03---“Today is…National Milk Day!” Aaaaand…THIS is what it looks like when your suspicions that you job is ridiculous is COMPLETELY confirmed.

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