February is such a short month but somehow it produced 15 minutes of local news bloopers for News Be Funny on YouTube. Well, it must be that extra leap day. Here are my curated highlights!

  • :55---Big Al is adorable
  • 1:48—It took a long time to set up but finally we get to a fart blooper
  • 2:54---It…it sounds like someone worked on that pronunciation ahead of time??
  • 4:04---Guys! The girl who smashed her hand last month trying to lift a 90 lb. dumbbell is back! Either she’s really, really bad a doing stuff or she’s really GREAT at doing physical comedy.
  • 5:36---As soon as this video is over I have to go evaporate my bowels.
  • 6:22---There are very few jobs in which replacing your windshield wipers regularly is priority number ONE. This guy has all of them.
  • 8:30---“Woman shoves several pounds of meat into her skirt” usually describes videos that get filtered here at work.
  • 11:09—I expect ALL our serious news moments to have Snapchat filters within the next 5 years.
  • 12:35—Everything in this news segments went wrong. I guess that’s what you expect from a Podunk back-water market like…(checks video)…THE ABC AFFILIATE IN LOS ANGELES?!?!

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