The scores for El Paso restaurants in the latest round of health inspections have been released - some didn't do so great.

The El Paso Health Department routinely inspects area restaurants and food handling businesses such as schools, hospitals, grocery and convenience stores, concert and sporting venues and caterers among others.

A perfect score is 100, a bare minimum, "passing" score is 70 and anything under that is an "F". Restaurants/businesses getting an "F" could be closed.

Establishments scoring 60 or lower face closure. An inspection carried out on a particular day may not reflect the overall, long-term conditions of the establishment. Restaurants failing inspections are given a chance to rectify the violations before a reinspection. - newsbreak

An iconic, you could almost even call it "legendary" El Paso restaurant got a "B" this time around. Chicos Tacos, 3401 Dyer, scored 82. Chicos has several locations and not all of them get inspected at the same time.

Which El Paso Restaurant Failed Their Health Inspection?

Only one El Paso restaurant failed ... Neveria y Antojitos Tepalca, 500 N Zaragoza Road, got a 64.

Restaurants and other food-ish businesses in the "A" category, (90 - 99), included schools like Fabens Middle School, (99), the Family Dollar on Alameda, (97), the Rocky Mountain Cholate Factory on S. Desert, (97) and University Medical Center Surgical Hospital on George Dieter, (96),

Several places got perfect scores including a church. Most Holy Trinity Catholic church in the northeast got an A+ along with Pebble Hills High School, Cradles and Crayons on Talbot and the KFC on Eastlake.

Once again, when it comes to chains, not all get inspected at the same time.

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