As you’ll see from this blooper montage from News Be Funny, April was the first full month of quarantine reporting. That means lots and lots of snafus from reporters in their homes. There are pets ruining the shot, naked dads ruining the shot and just so, so many ugly couches.

Here are some of my highlights personally curated just for you.

  • :55----I’ll bet he never thought he’d have to…”stoop” to this level of humor?
  • 1:44---Did…did Luke Perry fake his death and now he’s doing the weather on the NBC Chicago affiliate?? Also, not wearin’ pants!
  • 2:03----Setting your extensions on fire with your assortment of scented candles: the REAL killer during this pandemic.
  • 2:24----The reporter’s conundrum: how to fix your hair in gusty winds without touching your face.
  • 6:27---Script Rewrite: “Spending time with your pet is the WORST part of it”.
  • 9:37—PLOT TWIST! Jack is ALIVE! Jack was ALWAYS ALIVE!

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