It’s a new month and that means the folks at “News Be Funny” have all of the best bloopers from March. As a bonus, it’s fun to try and tell which were from BEFORE the pandemic shutdown and which are from AFTER. It’s not even that hard!

Here are some of my personally curated highlights:

  • :00-- The very first clip went low-key viral. You can’t tell from the video but that reporter who looks like Jay Pharaoh doing an impersonation of Chris Bosh is being approached by a herd of buffalo.
  • :21—Ladies and gentlemen, the official spokesperson for all of humanity during the pandemic
  • :50— If a U.S. president can make this mistake I think we can cut the local news babe some slack.
  • 1:24--- When doing news from home goes wrong: Part I
  • 1:37---The age-old question, “What’s the difference between “spreading” and “stretching””?
  • 2:26---When doing news from home goes wrong: Part II
  • 2:48---And THIS is what you get when you go in a cattle pen wearing a jacket made of salt!
  • 4:11---This has nothing to do with the blooper but…aren’t you glad you don’t live someplace where it gets to 17 degrees below zero…IN FREAKIN’ MARCH!?!?
  • 5:58---The trend of getting rid of TV studio crews in favor of automation is definitely NOT working out during the Apocalypse.
  • 8:48---How good are you at telling which local news personality is a major pot-head? Lady on the left: 7 out of 10 spliffs; lady in the middle: 0 on the Spliff-o-Meter; dude on the right: a full 10 out of 10 spliffs PLUS a full bong-load. “Ok, kids”. This was a perfect opportunity to fire back an “OK, Boomer” that they missed. Pot-heads, am I right?

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