Here we go again! It’s our first installment of the New Year from the folks at News Be Funny.

Here are the best news bloopers of January 2020 along with my comments pointing out the high-lights:

  • :40---That’s what Buffalo think people from Texas sound like. Here’s what I think people from Buffalo sound like: “Brrrrr…it sure is cold today. Brrrrrr….I can’t believe how many Super Bowls we’ve lost! Brrrrrr….I can’t feel my lower extremities….brrrrrr!”
  • 1:33—So it’s not just me? 36 packs of soft drinks DEFINITELY break more often than they used to.
  • 3:07---I thought I recognized the weatherman in this clip. I was trying to place where else I might have seen him. Then it dawned on me: he looks like one of the Abbies from Wayward Pines.
  • 4:44---This is kind of a running theme on these compilations. The BBC has transitioned to using robotic “cameramen” for some of their live news segments. The news presenter is left alone in a seemingly deserted studio. Then, when the camera angle shifts (5:04 in the video) you see many people walking or standing around in the newsroom. These, I presume, are the ones who decided to can the human camera operators and replaced them with robots.
  • 6:45---Did you know one out of five local news anchors suffer from a condition known as R.B.F.? It is a serious problem for which, tragically, there is no known cure.
  • 7:16---At first I thought “OMG, she just pinched her hand with a 110 lb. barbell”. Then, she went on and I thought I just saw it wrong. But look closely: she’s in tremendous pain, possibly in shock, and doing everything she can to keep from crying. Hilarious!
  • 7:49---I just need to know: do ALL guys on local news wear underwear that match their trousers in case an incident just like this occurs?? Cue Spongebob singing “Ripped Pants”.
  • 8:26---Here’s a lady having what she thinks is a perfectly private conversation while a giant picture of Harvey Weinstein looms over her. Is she talking about Harvey Weinstein’s kids?? Do Holly and Audrey Weinstein have their own “funky, cool” band? What is going on here??? Are Shane and Josh the Weinstein kids?

This goes on for a FULL 30 SECONDS until she realizes she’s on TV. The look she gives when it dawns on her at 8:58 is priceless.

  • 9:43---The local news team hears about Planter’s “killing off” Mr. Peanut. Do they have puns? Yeah. Really bad ones.
  • 11:35---20 seconds is the length of time a seasoned, professional tele-journalist can talk about downward tilting toilets before losing it. I’m impressed.

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